post decision services

Post Approval Services

Our strategies are tailored to suit our diverse client needs helping ensure we achieve the highest and best use of any site.
We put our clients first, and if more economical options are available, we will always ensure these are available to you. Our returning clients speak to the consistent service we deliver with integrity, trust and quality.

Post Decision services form a significant part of our business and the work we undertake for our client’s – our post decision services include but are not limited to:

  • Changes to approvals

  • Extensions to approval validity timeframes

  • Show Cause Notices

  • Enforcement Notices

  • Development Control Management

  • Plan Sealing

  • Conditioned Compliance Works

  • Concurrence Agency Referrals

  • Project Management

  • Mitigation & Appeal Attendance / Management

If you are in a position where you require post decision services, we welcome you to call us and we can discuss your options – this initial advice is a free service.

Contact our Town Planners in Brisbane today

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You'll receive

  • Initial discussion and advice

  • Advice on immediate pain points

  • Advice on the process

  • Advice on timeframes and costs

  • Likelihood of success

  • An outline of opportunities and constraints

  • An understanding which other consultants need to be involved in the process

This will all be documented in a comprehensive report.

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