Pre-Lodgement Meeting Services

Reduce risk with our pre-lodgement meeting services.

Planning applications and assessment are not always straight forward – City Plan is a performance based document for this reason. It allows flexibility with development to provide communities with good outcomes and to provide neighbourhoods with distinct character.

Development projects are not always fully compliant with the provisions set out in the assessment tables of City Plan and for this reason Council offers the ability to meet and discuss your project prior to preparation and lodgement of a formal Development Application.

Pre-Lodgement Meetings

Gaining feedback on Councils degree of support for a proposal can assist in the reduction of risk and further assists with streamlining the assessment process as Council provides guidance on associated consultant reports required for submission with a particular application.

If this is a service that interests you, Doyen can prepare, submit and organise the pre-lodgement meeting on your behalf – we then attend the meeting with Council to discuss the application ensuring that all the correct questions are raised and feedback is provided. A majority of the time our clients elect to sit in on this meeting and be involved with the discussion process.

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