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Doyen Helps You Write Up Your Development Applications in Brisbane

We are a dedicated team of town planners in Brisbane with an intricate knowledge of Queensland's Town Planning system. We bring the brightest minds in the industry together to provide our clients with an exceptional team of professionals to service your project.

Development Applications are the core of our business - we work within the Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, and Redland City Council regions. Our staff have experience in both the private and public sectors of the industry - this enables us to service your application with an understanding of how the application is best lodged, and the anticipated assessment process it will be taken through while at Council.

Combined, this knowledge ensures your application is presented in its best light, which not only results in a faster assessment process, but is also key to achieving the best outcome for your project. It’s important to engage with Development Application Consultants early in the lifecycle of your project. This prevents the disappointment of rejection after purchasing highly constrained land.

It’s common for us to begin preparations for a Development Application prior to settlement or just after. Early involvement with us reduces time lost in paperwork and approval processes, enabling site work to commence promptly. This extended service has resulted in Doyen being the preferred Development Application Consultant for many building and construction companies. If you're in the market for a development site or beginning the design of your dream home, contact us today and we’ll ensure you're on the right path.

What’s Included In Your Development Application?

Council will assess your development application on a site by site basis. Under the same premise, your Development Application should address the specific nature of your site and project

We’re challenging the way Town Planning Consultants service building and development projects by extending our standard services beyond Development Planning Applications.

The traditional Development Application criteria guides project design in accordance with City Plan. It also manages the proposal through Council, and subsequently issues decision documentation to the client, who then communicates with contractors to complete the detailed design works and begin construction.

The pitfall with this model is that it does not consider the entire Development Application approval process, and more often than most consultants would care to admit, the project gets delayed at the detailed design and Building Certification stage. This is because non-compliant matters are discovered through State or National codes that have not previously been reviewed.

When faced with these roadblocks, the Development Approval typically has to be re-lodged with Council for approval of relevant changes. This wastes time, costs money, and in 99% of cases, is avoidable.

Our Development Application process takes additional steps to front load these issues and keep construction on track.

Under the Doyen process, we proactively communicate with relevant Consultants to undertake preliminary assessments of documentation before lodgement with Council for Development Application approval.

Our approach has proven to result in faster timeframes, reduced risks, reduced costs, and is a key reason that many building companies choose to work with us.

In addition to our proactive approach, our standard development application services include:

  • No-cost preliminary application services - Including, briefing Specialist Consultants in relation to preparation of supporting documentation

  • The review of draft specialist reporting and input into final proposal drawings for lodgement

  • Preparation of all statutory development application forms

  • Detailed review of proposals against relevant planning scheme provisions, including Zone code outcomes, Use code outcomes, and Works code outcomes

  • Preparation of Town Planning Assessment Reports, including Code Compliance Statements and merit-based performance arguments where applicable

  • Liaising with Council Officers as required

Having an understanding of the milestones that a project will progress through, enables us to tailor Development Applications so they are presented to the Council with the highest chance of success. 

When dealing with challenging sites or projects that are contentious, project strategies are established to ensure clients’ expectations are clear, and relevant stakeholders are consulted to ensure an optimum outcome. 

Where required, we will source all the relevant consultants that you need from start to finish. Our extended network has a proven track record, and our recommendations are tailored specifically to your project.

Development Application Timeframes

We Assist With The Following Brisbane City Council Development Applications:

  • Residential Dwelling Houses and Renovations

  • Character Dwellings and Small Lot Dwellings

  • Dual Occupancy and Duplex Projects

  • Subdivisions / Reconfiguration of a Lot

  • Residential Townhouses and Unit Blocks

  • Commercial / Industrial Development and Modifications

  • Heritage Renovations

  • Operational Works – Retaining Walls / Excavation and Fill

  • Tidal Works Application – Pontoons and Jetties

Get Started Today With Your BCC Development Application

To get started on your Development Application in Brisbane, contact Doyen’s Town Planners today.

Our Development Application Consultants will step you through the application stages and advise you of recommended strategies to achieve the outcome you're seeking.

We recommend contacting us as early as possible in the project design stage, as our advice will greatly assist with establishing proposal plans that place your Application in the best position to be supported by Council.

Alternatively, our guidance can lead to the avoidance of the need for a Council Development Application altogether.

Contact our Town Planners in Brisbane today

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You'll receive

  • Initial discussion and advice

  • Advice on immediate pain points

  • Advice on the process

  • Advice on timeframes and costs

  • Likelihood of success

  • An outline of opportunities and constraints

  • An understanding which other consultants need to be involved in the process

This will all be documented in a comprehensive report.

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