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Assisting With Your Townhouse Plans in Brisbane to Help Maximise Your Site’s Potential

Whether you’re looking to expand your property portfolio or you’re a developer working on a range of projects throughout Brisbane and greater South East Queensland, rely on the support and knowledge of our Town Planners for all your needs.
Our team of experienced town planners will help you achieve better outcomes in a fast and cost-efficient process. We pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with a range of consultants who have good relationships with Council and have proven to provide prompt and reliable advice when it's needed the most.

We’re eager to be involved with your project from the very start and work alongside Architects and other specialists to ensure projects are steered in the right direction from the start.

If you’re planning a multiple dwelling development such as townhouses or an apartment block, let us be a part of your project. We’re with you every step of the way.

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What to consider when planning multiple dwelling apartments or townhouse developments in Brisbane

Multiple dwelling means a residential use of premises involving three or more dwellings, whether attached or detached, for seperate households.
Examples include apartments, flats, units, townhouses, row housing, and triplex. Multiple dwellings (e.g. townhouses or apartments) are distinctively different to dual occupancies.

Examples of a dual occupancy include a duplex, two dwellings on a single lot (either attached or detached), two dwellings within a single community title scheme, or two dwellings within a single body corporate.

While every site has its own limitations and should be reviewed individually, below are some common issues we face when consulting with clients on multiple dwelling projects.

What is the difference between a townhouse and an apartment (unit)?


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Townhouses generally appear as a small house across 2-3 storeys. They don’t have a separate apartment above or beneath them. Generally, townhouses have their own ground floor outdoor private open space which isn't shared as common property.

Apartment (unit)

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An apartment or unit is a home in a larger building. People in the same building typically share car parking, hallways, foyers, garbage disposal, stairs, and recreational spaces.

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Take advantage of our no-cost initial consultation and contact us to discuss our apartment and townhouse planning services. During this initial consultation we’ll advise on the likelihood of obtaining approval for your multiple dwelling project and outline any key areas of concern.

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You'll receive

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  • Advice on immediate pain points

  • Advice on the process

  • Advice on timeframes and costs

  • Likelihood of success

  • An outline of opportunities and constraints

  • An understanding which other consultants need to be involved in the process

This will all be documented in a comprehensive report.

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